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Empowering Brands & People for Change

For a long time, social good could only be measured in vague perceptions of public opinion. Despite the fact that philanthropy has existed for ages, non-profits and charitable organizations still lack the tools necessary for reaching new supporters at scale. For most non-profits, marketing budgets are tight, if they even exist. That’s why social media is so powerful and why non-profit and charitable organizations have been some of the most ardent social practitioners, using the channels to reach audiences without a significant investment.

Social Good Supports Growth

Brands that have partnered with non-profit organizations, and put their social mission in the spotlight are taking the world by storm. Consumers love companies that are committed to positive social impacts. But financially supporting a charitable organization is only one step in the right direction. Sustainable organizations understand that they must reach beyond their existing base and grow their community to attract new supporters that can help reach even bigger goals.

That’s where influencers come in. These powerful advocates have huge audiences and the ability to amplify a charity's message exponentially to acquire new donors, generate awareness, and build thought leaderships at the highest levels. Non-profits need easy ways to share their stories and spread their message with the world.

We believe that brands and social influencers together can be a powerful voice to create positive social, environmental, and economic change.

Social Good into Supporter Growth

Snips Social Good is the first campaign platform of its kind that connects non-profits with influencers to create meaningful change. Social Good campaigns offers non-profits next generation advertising technology to dramatically improve their online fundraising through social media and brand sponsorships. We have re-invented the concept of sponsored posts, uniquely designed to provide a platform for charities to partner with influencers to reach new supporters. Any non-profit or charitable organization can easily promote their cause, solely or through brand partnerships, while influencers spread the message across their social channels. The result: significantly higher audience engagements and donations.

But it get's better. 100% of Social Good campaign profits are donated directly to the charity. Meaning, influencers are not only building awareness, but they are also directly driving financial support. And the more you share, the more these incredible organizations benefit.

To maintain accountability, Social Good campaigns operates on a performance-based cost-per-click (CPC) model. We empower non-profits with the right tools to grow their supporters based on measureable results, and the ability to track campaign performance in real-time. No other platform provides the automation, flexibility, and scalability of Snips Social Good.


Snips is the first performance-based influencer marketing platform that empowers influencers with business tools to grow their audience and monetize their social networks, while enabling brands to run performance-driven influencer programs built on true measurability & scale.