Selecting the Right Influencer for Your Brand

  • Posted on Aug 14, 2020
  • Kendall Job

When it comes to influencer marketing, choosing the right influencer(s) to work with your brand can be a struggle. You want to know who you’re looking for, where to find them, and the type of return you’re hoping for based on their audience and following. Here are some questions to consider when looking for influencers to partner with.

1. Does your target audience match theirs?

As a brand, you know who your target audience or segments are. When looking for an influencer to work with, it’s important to recognize who their audience is. Ideally, the influencer’s audience will be similar or a match to the brand’s customer segments for best engagement and high return.

2. What are the goals of the campaign?

Identify the goals of the campaign at hand. Working with influencers is an opportunity to have a brand name projected to a wide array of people within an influencer's audience. Choosing an influencer with similar goals and values to your company is an important aspect to consider, as well. 

3. Does their engagement match their following?

To ensure you’ll be getting a return on your investment for working with an influencer, you want to check that their engagement matches their following. For example, if they have 20k followers, but also follow 20k people and only get 300 likes on their Instagram posts, this might be a sign of fake followers. In order to have a positive experience working with an influencer, they should have a following with engagement to match. 

4. What type of influencer are you looking for?

Influencers and their audiences come in all different forms. For example, micro-influencers tend to have a reach of anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers on any given social media platform. Micro-influencers are the next step up, then you’re heading toward celebrities with millions of followers. Sometimes it’s better to work with smaller influencers, knowing that the ROI may be higher. They tend to be more engaged with their followers and are found to be more relatable than celebrity figures. It’s best to know the type of reach you want to achieve and find an influencer that matches your outreach goals.

Influencer marketing has been on the rise for quite some time and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Finding influencers to work with can be a difficult task, but if you know what you’re looking for, it can be more manageable! Consider each of these questions when researching influencers for your next brand campaign. Sign up as a brand on Snips for access to our influencer database and other analytics measurement tools!